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First Frock Box Review_March 2022

I have been trying several subscription boxes so far, but never for clothes. I was a bit skeptical at first but decided to try. Frock Box is based in St. Albert, the same province I am in, and they understand the weather conditions we go through every season.

I decided to go with a personal shopper subscription because I bought my clothes at the grocery store, going for the cheapest options and keeping myself in the safe zone.

I'm not going to lie. It surprised me when I started to fill out my profile that I knew very little about my sizes. I had to research to get my Pinterest board ready for them. Still, it was a charming experience to get to know me better and more.

I decided to go with their lower range of $35 to $75.

Once I took the time to fill out my profile and share all the preferences, I was able to wait for my box to be shipped, and this is what I got:

I found a pair of distressed jeans, one leathered leggings, two tops, and a set of earrings in this box.

My stylist included a note for me. As requested, she added a pair of leathered leggings and distressed jeans. She also noted that I liked earrings, so I had a set in my box from my comments. Even though I was assigned Mahrukh as my stylist when I entered the activation code, the stylist's name had changed, and she was no longer part of the staff.

Below you will find each one of the items that were sent with their prices:

If you keep all the items, you get a 25% discount.

In this case, the total goes to 306 CAD, and the 25% discount is 76.50 CAD

If you keep at least one item, the $25 paid for the stylist fees goes towards that item.

If you don't keep any items, you will lose 25$

It wasn't clear to me when I got the shipment that I knew I had 5 days to return my items but didn't know when. It wasn't until I activated the code that I realized it seemed to be since you unlocked your box with the activation code.

I really do love earrings, but I found these pricey. They are also the same style and different print or colours; a little more variety would have been better. I kept them as by keeping all the items, they were free with their 25% discount.

For the V-Neck long Sleeve Ruffle:

the stylist knew I liked this kind of clothes, so she decided to add this piece. I really liked it it's totally something I would use for work or over weekends. There was no Brand for this one, and this is why I found it a little bit suspicious to be 70 CAD for a non-brand piece as the tag attached to It is the Frock Box one.

Then I got the Striped sweater from the GILLI brand. As per my quick search, it seems to be a brand orientated for retailers, one of them being Walmart. I did like it very much, though. It wouldn't have been something I would try on my own. The fabric is very soft and the colours very easy to match. I love the open back, even though a tiny portion of your bra might show up.

Then we have the Leatherette leggings. These are HUE brands. I found this very shinny at first sight, not exactly what I had in mind, but I have to admit that when I tried these on, they were super comfy and the inner liner it's warm for winter days.

Finally, I got a Distressed Skinny leg Jogger with a drawstring waist from RE generation by Celebrity Pink.

I love these! you can match them with practically everything you might have in your closet. These will become one of my essential pieces to have and match!

Overall, I liked the box; the sizes were chosen correctly, and the attention to detail that my stylist put on my notes. I'm not sure if the Pinterest board was used as a guide, though, as I noticed that my shipment was mainly based on my notes rather than the Pinterest board.

I kept all the pieces as I wanted to try them on and wear them and wash them and give you a proper and complete review of these pieces.

So far, I am happy with them; it was about time for me to start renewing my wardrobe. I have passed my subscription until the summer as I am afraid that I might get tempted to make a complete purchase of the monthly box at this pace. Unfortunately, I can't allow myself to spend around $200 on clothes every month, and I would instead get four new pieces every season or so.

I also noticed that the Leggings + striped top outfit had been sent to someone else, so do not be surprised if you find another person wearing the same outfit in your hometown. But I assume this is part of the subscription boxes as it might with any other items sent to you. They might have been sent to someone else.

I hope you have enjoyed my review and found it helpful!

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